Extreme inequality is a choice

Global inequality has been on the rise for years. The growing gap between rich and poor is undermining the fight against poverty, damaging our economies and tearing our societies apart.

Now, as the ongoing inequality crisis meets the new COVID-19 crisis, the impacts for some of the world’s most vulnerable people could be devastating.

Simply put, poverty makes every crisis worse.

We can choose to solve it

Poverty and inequality are not inevitable: they are the result of deliberate policy decisions. The system has been rigged to favour the wealthy — starving many national governments of the resources to meet their people’s most essential needs.

An unprecedented global crisis demands an unprecedented global response — we can seize this moment to create lasting change.

We have the power to demand new policies that will both protect global health now, and create a more equitable world in the future.

We need bold action that will not only address the inequality crisis, but will also immediately free up funds for poorer countries to provide free, accessible healthcare to everyone.

Specifically, Oxfam Canada is asking Canada to:

  • Ensure the wealthy pay their fair share by closing tax loopholes, going after offshore tax havens, and increasing taxation on the wealthiest 1%
  • Support the cancellation of all external debt payments in 2020 so that low and middle-income counties can provide essential public services — like health care — now and into the future

Take action today!

Today, Oxfam Canada is calling on thousands of people across Canada to take action on rising global inequality in the face of crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because inequality is a choice — and we can choose to end it. Join us today.